Keelmen Miniatures is run and owned by Rupert Clamp.  I’ve been a keen wargamer since the late 1970’s (saving a month’s pocket money to buy Airfix soldiers from the corner shop). I have a degree in Fine Art and have been working as a sculptor (mainly public artwork) since the mid 1990’s. I have had CFS/M.E for 30 years but it is now at a point where I sculpt at 25/28mm scale rather than at a public art scale. Keelmen Miniatures runs part time in between the times I can’t do anything and keeps me making and doing.

The main focuses of Keelmen miniatures are;

Disasters of War Miniatures 28mm Spanish Guerrillas (and their enemies) 1808 -1814. The basis for the range were 12 unfinished Jim Bowen Sculpts (bought from East Riding Miniatures) I have ‘completed ‘ them and mimicked their style to extend the range to  include more foot, mounted and dismounted hussars.

Rebellion and Invasion across the North of Britain

Anglo – Scots wars 1513 – 1550. 28mm range covering the Scottish and English armies of this period. Suitable for northern uprisings, early reivers and wars in Europe

Border reivers 1550 – 1603. 28mm range covering the border conflicts, raids and reiving of this period. Includes families and animals . Suitable for Rising of the North 1559 and Mary, Queen of Scots’ Wars

Jacobite Rebellions 1707 -1720. 28mm range representing the factions and characters involved in the riots and rebellions of 1707 -1720. Particularly in the North of England.  The range includes influential trades such as the Keelmen and colliers, as well as local militias and posses. There will be mounted and dismounted versions of the various characters of the times from William Blackett and William Cotesworth to Lord Derwent and  Thomas Forster.  I may even include the poetry of Captain Charles Wogan

Acorn Miniatures.  True 25mm Napoleonics. The basis for this range is Platoon 20’s Acorn Napolenics, originally sculpted by Dave Alsop *.  The range was only ever an ‘army builder’ range ie rank and file sold bulk with the expectation you would buy your command figures, artillery etc elsewhere. I intend to expand the range to include artillery, cavalry and command, starting with the French and Austrian (1809). 

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